Foundation & Retaining Walls

Five Star Concrete, uses top-grade materials and the latest tools and systems to provide you with quality poured foundations and retaining walls.  Unlike many of our competitors, we pour our walls to the top of our forms to give you the full height you want and to eliminate the need for costly build-ups.
Our forms are designed for 4-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot, 10-foot, and higher walls and we use three-foot Western Aluminum forms which have fewer seams, creating a smoother, straighter wall.  During the design phase of your residential or commercial project, we utilize Robotic Total Station to survey your property and calculate each and every point of your foundation.  This ensure reliable, accurate measurements before we even begin to pour.
We also offer Wisconsin and Minnesota approved waterproofing systems to add safety and longevity to new walls and foundations or to extend the life and durability of existing walls.  This waterproofing technique uses a spray-on applicator which provides a more thorough and even coat to enable better visual inspection of the wall and to help prevent leakage.
Whether you are a homeowner or contractor looking to build a new home, addition or add a retaining wall to your landscape, or you are a business owner beginning the new construction of your office; Five Star Concrete has the solution for all of your concrete needs.  We bring quality installation, years of experience and an unrivaled focus on customer satisfaction into every single job we perform.  Call us today and find out why Five Star Concrete has been a trusted name in the concrete industry for more than 40 years!
  • La Crosse Area Builders Association